Nathshaktipeeth Akola

A center for spiritual realization

Nathshaktipeeth is a center of Navnath Tradition for spiritual realizations. Shri Vyankatnath Maharaj is 15th Nath of the continuous chain of Guru and disciple relationship, originating from Chaitanya Shri Machindranath. Through his inspiration and indication his inheritor Shri Narendranath Maharaj founded Nathshaktipeeth at Akola.

The Nath Sect has its own uniqueness. During their lifespan Navnath took control of all sorts of evils and negative powers and gained the blessing from these powers and also from Gods and Goddesses. The Sect ensured that all these powers will help Gurus of Nath sect for the benefit of mankind, and this one can experience, even today.

Navnath sect has complete control over the Panchamahabhutas” meaning five great elements of the universe, vice versa, Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Sky. They have supreme command over the universe, including the, creation and the basic principle of maintaining the universe.

The work and philosophy of Navnath tradition is propagated & disseminated from this center. Nathshaktipeeth is a center of Navnath’s traditional blessings & Guru Worship. The spiritual principle of Navnath is of great importance. Navnath themselves did many spiritual exercises during their lifespan, the benefits of these spiritual exercises and underlining principles can be enjoyed by anybody through the Nathshaktipeeth.

The center tries to transform human being towards gaining spiritual realization by educating and training him about importance of spirituality. This is done without differentiating between the religion, cast and creed of a person. The fact whether he believes in God or not, does not matter in any way. Nathshaktipeeth considering ones way of life, past deeds, personality and the present condition, guides an individual relating the behavior and mannerism to be observed, in life, spiritual exercise to be done, and helps achieving the realizations in one’s life.

Enjoying blessings of gurus in the unbroken chain of entire Nathpanth, Shri Narendranath Maharaj gives the Anugraha or initiation which is the most important part of Guru and disciple tradition through Nathshaktipeeth.

Observing the attitude of materialistic enjoyments there is degradation of human values in today’s world, there is hardly any practical meaning left to the words like faith, love, duty and trust. Thus resulting fear in the minds of individuals, and losing peace of mind and confidence in life.

The founder of Nathshaktipeeth, Shri Narendranath Maharaj believes this scenario can be changed by bringing the spirituality as a way of life. The emphasis of Shri Narendranath Maharaj is on transforming persons through Upasana in humanistic, duty bound, fearless powerful and truthful, gentle personalities, while observing his daily routine. This in fact is the peculiarity of this Shaktipeeth. This work is being done by him since last two decades from Nathshaktipeeth.