Spirituality Is Unavoidable For everyone

While living his day to day life an individual is exposed to many negative forces, which results in loss of peace of mind. One needs to understand that he himself is the origin of peace and happiness. Peace of mind can be reestablished by spiritual way of life.

Spirituality is basically a lifestyle which helps overall development of an individual. Practicing the same, life becomes contended & disciplined. This achievement has positive effects on day to day life. Nathshaktipeeth strives to bring radical changes to the society, by transforming individuals spiritually. Spirituality is, thus, unavoidable for everyone.

Spirituality is not an imagination. In fact the meaning of spirituality, its need to society, inheritance of spirituality in life; creating self development through spirituality, relation of spirituality with life and performance, needs to be understood and adopted.   This will result in developing strong, fearless and honest personalities. Shri Narendranath Maharaj is providing complete guidance, and training regarding all these issues thereby helps bringing transformation in the society, as a continuous process.