Worship Of Navgraha (Nine Planets)

Various forces of the planets in solar system plays very vital role in every one’s life. By this worship the negative impacts of the entire planets in solar system is nullified and the deserved positive powers are transformed in one’s life. This worship is useful to remove different types of harsh, dangerous, unpleasant situations in life.

Effects of ill deeds are not realized with relation to religion, situation or society, but it is related to the person himself, anybody irrespective of his cast, creed and religion can perform the worship. It is expected that the suffering person should perform this worship individually.

The worship is pre scheduled and performed considering the day, date and constellation in relation to fire in single day. This worship can be performed only at the premises of Nathshaktipeeth under the blessings of Nath Sect.

Performing this special worship individual feels a tremendous increase in enthusiasm. The inner mind suggests a change in destiny and one experiences the change in his destiny.