The Yadnya Ritual

This ritual is designed & developed to attempt solving the specific problems relating personal nature & for all familial problems.

Ritual targets at fulfilling the desire, instability in the family, sorrows in life, differences between husband and wife, problems related to issue (child birth), pregnancy, children’s education, children’s marriage, job related problems, social and financial problems.

Effects of ill deeds are not realized with relation to religion, situation or society, but it is related to the person himself, anybody irrespective of his cast, creed and religion can perform the worship. It is expected that the suffering person should perform this worship along with his family.

In case of child the ritual can be performed by his parent, but as per the volition the advantage is carried to the child only. When complete family participates the advantage goes to the one who performs ritual as well to all his family members.

The ritual can either be performed at Nathshaktipeeth or at the choice of person performing this ritual at any convenient place such as residence, office, farm and so on.

The ritual is pre scheduled and performed considering the day, date and constellation in relation to fire and lasts over for four to seven days depending on the problems.

Performing this ritual one feels that there is fulfillment of the condition for which the ritual is done. Difficulties gradually start disappearing. There is increased inter personal coordination as well as increase in the stability and peace of mind.