Narendra Nath

Shri Narendra Maharaj was earlier known as Shri. Narendra Jagannath Choudhary.He was born in 1973 at Akola, in a well educated family. His father  Shri. Jagannath Choudhary was Advocate and uncle Shri. Ganpat Choudhary was teacher. His mother was an active participant in a movement started by Congress party. She was the first to start child education in Akola.

Since childhood he was scientific, duty bound and possessing analytical mindset  and hence he was a non-believer of god, religion, yoga, worship and spirituality.

In childhood he used to say to his mother, “Why to believe in a God of stone? I can give you what you want.What a stone can give you?”

He completed his in 1958 from Nagpur University and then he became charted accountant in 1962.During the same period he completed his ICWA(Inter), LLB(part-I), short hand typing, Radio Engineering and

In the same period he came in contact with Shri. Yogabhyananda Vyankatnath Maharaj belonging to Nath sect.In his pious presence Shri. Narendra experienced many
unimaginable and miraculous events.By observing those events he understood that, there is some power beyond the human power.

These powers are not just imagination, but it is a practical scientific methodology based on which, a yogi can perform such unimaginable events. After observing this he took initiation (Anugraha) from Sadguru Shri Vyankatnath Maharaj, on the auspicious  day of Nathshasthi, and from that day he started with his spiritual  journey. In 1964 he got married to Miss. Kunda Tambey of Nagpur.  Professor Mrs. Kunda Choudhary was  HOD of the Economics   department .His son is a charted accountant and daughter is

Shri. Narendra Choudhary also worked as a professor and examiner in Pune University.He was also an examiner in Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Board. During his professional journey he came in contact with professor P.K. Atrey and the then prime minister Smt. Indira Gandhi.In the same period, he published a book on “Secretarial Practices” and taught many students.

Because of his mind control, curiosity, thirst for knowledge, obedience of Guru’s orders and his working method, he became one of the close disciples of Shri Vyankatnath Maharaj.

Shri. Narendranath Maharaj himself elaborated this spiritual  journey as, “From Intellectual mentality he turned me towards spiritual knowledge, he made me to do Karma (good  deeds ), he amalgamated the day to day transactions and spiritual knowledge.He gave me the knowledge about, devotion, intelligence and analytical reasoning.He attracted me
towards Veda and other religious books.He explained the importance of nath sect, and elaborated the working of Nath sect.He told me how to imbibe power in “Vibhuti”, and how and when to use it.He gave me the knowledge of Mantra, Tantra, Meditation, Upasana, and guided me on how to utilize this for benefit of people.He taught and made me to work without expectations.He chiseled me in the way he wanted to be and he said at the last “as if I walk where you walk, I speak where you speak, whatever you will do will be done by me, and I am working through you.I am you and you are me, we both are one”. After giving this blessings, he ordered Shri. Narendra to perform the work for Nath sect and thus began the second continuous journey of Guru-disiple tradition and started giving guidance from Nath Shakti Peeth.