Worship of Lord Shri Vishnu

This especially composed worship delivered by Nathshaktipeeth is mainly to target the defects of hereditary, chronic in nature appearing as an effect of ill deeds in previous births. Diseases of long duration, chronic, serious diseases are cured by performing this special worship.

This worship is also used to remove negativity in life. The conditions of under developed intelligence, lethargic mind, difficulties during education, falling ill at the time of examination, uncontrolled sleep, short-tempered nature, imbalance in nature, restlessness, are controlled.

This worship is also helpful in protecting us from Ghost; fear of Ghost, karni and badha and also to nullify the impact of all negative powers.

In today’s competitive world it’s important to remain in leading position. The worship helps to remain on top by overcoming all the above defects.

It is necessary that the worship needs to be performed by the person suffering from the problems and the advantage is delivered to him alone. Worship can be performed only at the premises of Nathshaktipeeth under the blessings of Nath Sect by anybody irrespective of his cast, creed and religion. The worship is pre-scheduled and is done in single day.