Vedic Education

Following the study and researches on Vedas as the need of the hour, OM education society through its Pralhad Ashram Chaturved Path Shala, Akola is performing its duty. Vedas are taught hear. The dissemination of the fact that Vedas are sovereign knowledge and by its use, clever, duty bound, munificent personalities can be created, one’s efficiency can be enhanced.

Vedic education includes studying of four Vedas. These are Rig-Veda, Yajurved, Samaved and Atharveda. In addition to this the worshiping propositions from Upanishad and Purana called as Yadniki are taught here. Till date many students have been taught through this institution.

Pralhad Ashram Chaturved Path Shala at Akola blessed by the Navnath Sect and the 15th Nath Guru Shri Narendranath provides complete Vedic education totally free. Ancient Gurukul pattern of delivering education is followed at the Path Shala. Students of age 7 to 12 years are admitted for the courses.

During the education period along with Vedas, the students are trained in how to utilize the Vedic principles in day to day life. How to utilize the results of experiments from Veda, Upanishad and Purina’s’ for the benefit of the society is also taught here.