Scope Of Vedas

Vedas are apaurusheya meaning not originated by human being. Long back prior to the creation of Universe while Adishakti was asleep utterances came out, which are recognized as Vedas. Following the instructions from Adishakti, Lord Brahma meditated for 12000 years to gain the knowledge from Vedas as to how the universe could be created. There after he created the universe. All these Hymns were later researched, preserved and passed on by our Rishis through ages, by chanting and memorizing through Gurukul systems.

Vedas is the ocean of pure knowledge. Our modern science has failed to know the exact meaning of Hymns in Vedas. It cannot be said that there isn’t any existence of knowledge beyond the exploration of modern science. The theory for the origin of the Universe put forward by the famous physicist Mr. Stephen Hawking is already explained ages ago in the Nasadiyasukta – Rig-Veda 10-129-2.

The unexplored & un-imagined knowledge of Vedas just gave our Vedas the look of mythological and religious book. The stresses on the fact that research on the Vedas is need of the hour should be admitted.