Spirituality Makes Self Development

It is false to say that the spirituality is different from day to day life style rather spirituality is inseparable from one’s life. Spirituality is indispensible from the soul and its body actions.


Photograph from Gomulka, Himalaya of Narendranath Maharaj, Rambaba and others. 40 years ago Rambaba in the presence of his Guru Lalbaba used to take physical darshan of various Gods. Sant Lalbaba who took Samadhi about 40 years back prompted Rambaba to follow Narendranath Maharaj to Gomulka for getting Darshan of God.


Nathshaktipeeth helps gaining spirituality under the guidance of Guru Shri Narendranath through the concept of imparting Upasana a specific exercise to be followed on timely basis, while living one’s routine life. It is expected that one should do these spiritual exercises mechanically and regularly under whatever conditions he is. It is experienced by all that just following the given spiritual exercise the spiritual progress is achieved; the personality is gradually transformed in positive, powerful, fearless, healthy enlightened personality, and ultimately one gains eternal peace of mind. Knowledge about God and his existence, or feelings about him are totally separate from the pursuit of Spiritual sciences.