Creation OF Universe

The universe is outcome of Vedas. Every living and non living thing of the universe passes through three stages namely Utpatti, Sthiti and Laya meaning creation, preservation and destruction. This is automatic process controlled by Vedas.

Vedas are the utterances of the great universal power known as Adishakti. God Brahma created universe based on the principles in Vedas. Vedas thus form an integral part of universe. Mantra (hymns) of the Vedas are, tried, testified and practiced for thousands of years by our ancestor’s and documented, derives desired results consistently for each of such experiments.

In the present era, ‘Kaliyug, the Religion and Vedas are flouted. Increase in human hectic behavior and due to the out casting of religions, the studies and research of the Vedas is deeply diminished thus causing disbelief in Vedas.

Om Education Society with the object of changing human physiology and attaining delightful life studies and disseminates the knowledge of Vedic principles and sciences, its effect on the human life. This helps mankind in developing delightful life filled with positivity.

Veda is the basic science. The basic principles of man’s destiny, personality, life and death as well as every living being on this earth are the subject of the Vedas. Using these principles knowledgeable and experienced Yogi’s can create miracles. It needs to be recognized that behind every such miraculous happening, there is existence of basic principles of Vedas.

Om Education Society established in the year 1988 from Akola registered under the Societies Act, founded by Shri Narendranath Maharaj exerts to make aware the society about the scope of Vedas, its utility for human life, Vedic sciences, the results of Vedic research, the system of Vedas’ dissemination, the Vedic education system, the non conventional education system, the importance of Vedic education and that the Vedas are the origin of all sciences as well as human life.

Guiding & transforming the life style by application of Vedic sciences for the benefit of mankind is the essence of our existence.