Non Conventional Education System

Conventional education generally is referred to the education given in schools and colleges. This system is known to everyone. Although the knowledge through conventional system of education is transferred from teacher to the students, the virtues and aims in personal life like stability of mind, self confidence, boldness or any other desired qualities of a person are not assimilated under the syllabus of conventional system of education. It is recognized today that merely acquiring knowledge is not the only perquisite for helping mankind in developing delightful contended life. Non conventional education is the best possible solution to this.


Shri Narendranath Maharaj states;

“Non conventional education system means to assimilate the virtues of great human beings, like Shivaji, Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Rama or some such ideal character.”


Today Hanuman, Ganesh, Shankar, Dattatraya are considered as Gods, but none of these personalities claimed themselves as God or introduced himself as God. Since their qualities and capacities experienced by people were extraordinary the people recognized them as God rather than great human leaders.

The education as to , how to assimilate virtues of great human beings, human incarnations from their life sketch, and how to create and assimilate the virtues one is interested in, to build our own personality forms the scope of non conventional education given at Om Education Society. This education is given under the guidance of Shri Narendranath Maharaj.