Removing Hereditary Defects & Achieving Progress In Life

All types of hereditary defects, Kalsarpadosh, Grahagrahandosh, i.e. defects in planetary position in the birth horoscope, Chandal-dosh and Vastudosh or any such defects can be removed by the grace of Gurus of the Nath sect.

Achieving progress in life by removing the obstacles in the progress of social, professional, political and spiritual life is done through Nathshaktipeeth.

Mental stability, stability in social and personal life, progress in spiritual life, success in marriage, good coordination in the family and in the society, friendly relationships with all, ample honor, glory, and money can be achieved easily by the followers just by implementing the solutions, advised in the Nathshaktipeeth.

The institute gives solutions and suggests the Vedic treatment to make the life more happy and peaceful by overcoming all these difficulties in life.