The Usefulness Of Our Work To Society

Like the rays originating from the sun enlighten the whole Universe, and so, followers experience positivity of the mantras in their life by practicing the volition and with the use of these powerful mantras instructed by Shri Narendranath Maharaj.

Anybody from the society can perform the reciting of mantra, havens, Anushthan, as guided by Guru to correct their familial, social and economic problems. Instability, fear and negativity of mind, decrease in self confidence are addressed and corrected from Nathshaktipeeth.

As on date around 40,000 persons are enjoying advantages of these worships. It is our insistence to everyone in society not to get involved in miracles and superstitions. One should adapt spiritual principles in life, without this life is useless, everyone has this experience.

We urge to    “Act on our advice and believe in us, only if you are convinced from within.