Participants & Research Papers

Conference is open for all. Seats are limited to 300. Registration is on first come first basis. We have invited eminent scientists, Spiritual Leaders, professors, Vedics from all over the world.

Research papers for presenting on the floor of conference shall be accepted only from;

Scientists having done research in subjects relating to physics, chemistry, biology, or Sun.

  • Spiritual Leaders having 12 years standing as such, and who have experienced the positive effects of Surya Upasana
  • Professors, and retired professors having 12 years of experience at any Universities and who has worked on the concept of the Conference.
  • Any Individual doing Surya Upasana for a period not less than 12 years and having spiritual guidance.
  • Any Vedic who has done Surya Upasana and studied Surya for a period not less than 12 years.
  • Any person nominated by any Government or any spiritual organization.


Abstract submission details

All the Scientists, researchers, experts and spiritual magnets can submit their speaker abstract proposal at . All the on seekers devotees who are interested in submission may enroll accordingly and submit their proposals at All those who desire to submit some posters pertaining to the subject may enroll and submit their proposals at