Swami Macchindranath Maharaj is the first Guru in the Nav Nath Pantha. Yogi Vyankatanath Maharaj is his 15th linear descendant in the Cult. At the commands of Yogi Vyankatanath Maharaj, his linear descendant Shri Narendra Nath Maharaj founded Nath Shakti Peeth. It works as a part of Om Education Society a registered Charitable Trust having registration number F/1991 dated 08th December 1988 under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. The trust enjoys 80 G facilities under the Income Tax Act 1961.

Shri Nath Shakti Peeth has organized many Surya Panchayatan Yadnyas and Educational Programs on Vedic and Nath Pantha Gyan (knowledge) throughout India; thereby increasing self confidence, enhancing efficiency, and working capabilities to gain peace of mind in individuals and families, throughout world.

We have helped thousands of persons on the basis of Karma Siddhanta meaning Practicing Theory of Karma (the Deeds) as described in Bhagwat Gita by Lord Shrikrishna.

Our work is admired by Holy Shri Shankaracharya Maharaj, Kanchikamkoti, Karvir peeth, Hampi peeth, Shrungiri peeth, many sanyasis, and spiritual leaders.