Conference highlights

 ॥अस्माकं देवा उभयाय जन्मने शर्म यच्छत द्विपदे चतुष्पदे॥

॥अदत् पिबद् ऊर्जयमानं आशितं तद् अस्मे शं योः अरपो दधातन॥

Rig-Veda at 10-37-11 states that the Surya Upasana gives us, our dependents, fellow workers, friends & relations, & all creatures, bird’s strength & power. It makes us healthy, wealthy & wise.

The subjects of the conference are:-

Impact on human life

Impact of Surya Upasana on health, longevity of life, food, eatables, astrology, education etc

Impact on efficiency of human beings

Impact on efficiency of human beings, their capacities, abilities, and desires, character development, removal of defects of one’s nature. Impact on one’s social, political, spiritual and working life. Effects on the environment around a person as also his working place.

Sun as green energy source is not the subject matter of this conference