Nath Shakti Peeth

Nath Shaktipeeth is a centre of Navanath Tradition for spiritual realizations. Shri Vyankatnath Maharaj is 15th Nath of the continuous chain of Guru (master) & disciple, originating from Chaitainya Shri Machindranath. By his inspiration and indication his inheritor Shri Narendranath Maharaj founded Nath Shaktipeeth at Akola. The Nath Sect has its own uniqueness. In their life time Navnath destroyed all the evil & negative powers and took the blessing from them as well as from the good & beneficial powers so that they will help gurus of Nath sect for the benefit of the society, and it can be realized even today.

Navanath sect has complete control over the creation as well as the basic principle of creation, in the universe. The work and philosophy of Navanath tradition is propagated & disseminated from this centre. Nathshaktipeeth is a centre of Navanath’s traditional blessings & Guru Worship. The spiritual principle of Navanath is of great importance. Navanath themselves did many spiritual exercises in their life time, the benefits of these spiritual exercises and principles can be enjoyed by anybody through the Nathshaktipeeth.

The centre tries to transform the human being towards spiritual realization by educating him the importance of spirituality. This is done without differentiating the cast and creed of a person. The fact whether he believes in God or not does not matter in any way. Nathshaktipeeth also guides an individual regarding the behavior and mannerism, spiritual exercise to be done, and the realizations to be achieved considering his way of life, past deeds, personality and present condition in his life.

Since Shri Narendranath Maharaj enjoys blessings of gurus in the unbroken chain of entire Nathpanth, he gives the Anugraha or initiation the most important part of Guru and disciple tradition through Nathshaktipeeth.

In today’s world there is degradation of human values and increase in the attitude of materialistic enjoyments. There is hardly any practical meaning left in the words like faith, love, duty and trust. This has resulted in the development of fear in the minds of individuals who are truthful and having good character, and there is ultimate loss of mental peace. This scenario can be changed by bringing the spirituality as way of life. Spirituality does not mean believing in God or worshipping God, but it means to mould into a man truthful by thoughts and action and a gentleman in behavior. The founder of Nathshaktipeeth Shri Narendranath Maharaj believes in creating a humanistic, duty bound, fearless, powerful and truthful personality. He is doing this work since more than last two decades.

In Nathshaktipeeth an individual is guided for doing UPASANA (way of doing worship and the worship itself) while observing his day to day routine, daily worldly duties, business and private activities. The lessons of spiritualism, moulding of character are given to the followers in Nathshaktipeeth. This is in fact is the peculiarity of this Shaktipeeth.